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Primary Target GmbH

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About us

Primary Target, a Munich-based IT security company, is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Its purpose is to develop a software platform for the automation of threat analyses for the development of industrial applications in accordance with the specifications of the ISO 21434 cyber security standard. With the software tool, companies can secure their processes to check and analyse the software and hardware components for possible cyber-attacks and threats as well as identify possible attack vectors. The security assessments and analyses take place as early as possible in the development cycle to accompany the manufacturing process across all departments and supply chains.
Primary Target focuses its platforms on various target markets such as the automotive industry, commercial vehicles, transportation, and general industrial areas of applications like robots, IoT, medical devices, military and aerospace.


Primary Target GmbH
Freimanner Str. 14
85737 Ismaning

Phone:  +89 3886 9983

Contact person:

Jürgen Vollmer
Sales & Marketing, CEO
Phone: +49 172 9631488

Oscar Angress
Phone: +49 176 31719597

Products & Services

Companies face an increased number of cyber-attacks, a shortage of specialists, growing complexity of installed electronic elements/software and regulatory requirements. With CodeX, the Threat Analysis Automation Tool, you identify and analyse potential threats and risks of the software and hardware components during development including:

  • Security weaknesses of the soft- and hardware design
  • Vulnerability including 3rd part components of hard- or software
  • Vulnerability within interface and communication implementations
  • Loss of security related artefacts
  • Inability/incapability to act on possible threats
  • Insecure processes

Security automation and ML support of all involved departments must take place to shorten the time to market/production and meet e.g., the requirements of ISO 21434 in the automotive industry. The use of CodeX also protects the end-customer, increases customer satisfaction, improves supplier integration, and have a positive impact on the brand image.


CodeX systematically models security threats to identify vulnerabilities and attack possibilities in complex, interacting hardware and software systems to demonstrate defence options. CodeX uses a database to identify the components, software and protocols used and their attack vectors. With the help of various algorithms (AI), a threat analysis is then automatically output for the whole system consisting of the individual components (in the automotive industry according to ISO 21434).

Visual AI based input of circuit boards with automated recognition of components

Visualization of logical & physical assets and threats with ASIL risk classification

Visualization of threat scenario with attack feasibility and threat causing path

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