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About us

PHYSEC GmbH is a Deep-Tech company from Germany, that specializes in IT security in the Internet of Things (IoT). Our major business area is the economically efficient and secure digitalization of infrastructures in the energy and water sectors. PHYSEC offers innovative, post-quantum resistant and particularly easy to integrate and operate safety concepts with the special feature of being able to digitally verify physical data. We do not only offer our customers state-of-the-art transmission technologies, but we also provide solutions for their secure use in regulated areas. With PHYSEC, unlike the widespread standard solutions, compliance with the relevant industry standards as well as the specifications according to the GDPR, the BSI and ENISA is not a problem. This makes us a trusted partner for municipal utilities when it comes to the secure digitalization of supply networks.

PHYSEC Founders Dr. Christian Zenger and Dr. Heiko Koepke.

PHYSEC is the winner of the GRÜNDERPREIS NRW 2019.

PHYSEC is a regular participant of professional exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.

We are constantly working on new technologies.

Working on strong IoT security solutions that are also equipped to deal with serious attackers.

Cohesive teamwork is a key pillar to our success.


Suttner-Nobel-Allee 7
44803 Bochum

Phone:  +49 234 54428224

Contact person:

Manar Al-Askary
Project Manager
Phone: +49 234 54570921

Products & Services

In the future, society will have to rely more and more on electronic components in everyday life, such as in self-driving cars or service robots. It is therefore extremely important to secure the software and physical properties of the tools and devices that we rely on in our daily lives. That is why electronics must be secure and reliable.

PHYSEC IoTree and PHYSEC SEAL as a feature activate the full potential of sensors and actuators digitalization, such as control and monitoring of distributed assets (in semi-trusted environments) and collecting additional consumption data, as well as providing easy access to deployment and operational status. By combining our IoTree platform with PHYSEC SEAL, our partners gain access to an infrastructure that monitors cyberattacks and physical changes on their assets.

IoTree Platform

IoTree is PHYSEC's secure IoT platform that serves as an interface (Connect & Protect middleware) between the physical and digital worlds in the Internet of Things. Furthermore, PHYSEC IoTree enables secure connection of IoT hardware and use of IoT applications. In our security concept, IoTree positions itself as the central IoT security hub, it provides encrypted data transmission in the Internet of Things and follows the principle of "security by design".
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IoTree: Best-in-class security for the IoT.

IoTree enables the secure connection of IoT hardware and IoT application usage.

LoRaWAN Infrastructure Management.

Interfaces and communication technologies.

With the integrated visualization of IoT data, you can use IoTree intuitively and conveniently.


PHYSEC SEAL protects electronic components from inside the enclosure. It can detect the smallest mechanical changes and is used in physical integrity assessment. It is designed for use in public and easily accessible environments. Metering devices and cable distribution cabinets can be protected, as well as local network stations, pumping stations and entire substations.
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TLS-encoded data transmission and physical state monitoring with the Iotree Platform and SEAL.

PHYSEC Gateway

The PHYSEC Gateway is designed for secure, TLS-encoded data transmission to the IoTree Platform.
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