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NG Guard Technology GmbH

Booth number: B30-11

About us

NG Guard Technolology is the specialist for Advanced Threat Protection, Intrusion Detection and the detection of complex threats in IT landscapes and IT systems.
The digital world is developing rapidly. With increasing networking and digitization, the threat potential of cyber attacks is growing significantly.

Attacks on our increasingly valuable IT systems and their availability are becoming more distributed, sophisticated and professional.

Known threats are evolving and new attack methods are emerging. The risk of data loss and data manipulation is naturally increasing, causing billions of dollars in damage.

Preparing for the new cybersecurity challenges is essential to continue balancing the threats and opportunities of digitization.

To ensure the speed, accuracy and security required to respond to breaches and attacks, cybersecurity measures must rely on two types of technology: Automation and AI. those are exactly the fundaments our Cyber Security Plattform.


NG Guard Technology GmbH
Poggenkamp 20
22399 Hamburg

Phone:  +49 176 49505975

Contact person:

Abdelmounaim Fares
Phone: +49 176 49505975

Products & Services

GCC (Global Cybersecurity Center): A SOAR Plattform

TicketGuard: A scalable Security Incident Response Platform (SIRP) with multi-tenancy, case correlation and sharing capabilities

NetGuard: A fast and near-real-time behavioral Rules-based Network Detection Response(EDR)

MalGuard: Simple and powerful solution to detect and analyze sophisticated malware

LogGuard: An enterprise-grade Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

GCC Global Cyber security Center

GCC is the Guard Technology SOARR Plattform and contains following features:
- Incident Response Monitoring
- Security Orchestration and Automation
- Alerting
- User Management
- Multi-Tenancy
- Third Party Solution Integration
- Visualization & Reporting Capabilities


TicketGuard is scalable Security Incident Response Platform (SIRP) with advanced functionalities such as:

- Cases (Tickets) Investigation
- Multi tenancy
- Per-Tenant Ticketing
- Agile Approach
- Samples Analyzes
- KPI’s Dashboarding
- Third Party Solution Integration
- Multi tenancy.


A fast and near-real-time behavioral Rules-based Network Detection Response(EDR) with advanced features such:

Observe network traffic
Match traffic patterns to known attacks
Apply user and entity behavior analytics

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