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About us

NEOX NETWORKS GmbH, based in Frankfurt/Germany, is an innovative IT solution provider and manufacturer of network solutions specialising in network visibility, monitoring and security.

We help our customers maximise the performance of their network monitoring, network forensics, network traffic analysis, full packet capture, compliant monitoring and cyber security, while providing complete visibility into their enterprise-wide network.

Our product portfolio includes scalable solutions such as Full Packet Network Capture Systems, Network Forensics Appliances, Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers and Advanced Packet Processing Devices for up to 400G fast physical, cloud or hybrid network infrastructures.

NEOXPacketSolutions - Network Traffic Optimzation, Traffic Visibility, Network Monitoring & Analysis

NEOXPacketLion & Tiger - High Performance and Advanced Next-Gen Network Packet Brokers - up to 400G

Portable, Mobile & Rackmountable Packet Capture / Network Forensics Appliances for up to 100G

NEOXPacketRaven - Portable, modular and virtual Network TAPs for up to 400G

PacketGrizzly - Scalable High Performance Network Forensics & Packet Capture Solution for up to 100G

NEOXPacketWolf - Advanced Packet Processing Appliance for up to 400G


Monzastr. 4
63225 Langen

Phone:  +49 6103 37215-910

Contact person:

Timur Özcan
Founder & CEO
Phone: +49 61033 7215910

Products & Services

Our product portfolio includes scalable solutions such as

  • Full Packet Network Capture Systems
  • Network Forensics Appliances
  • Modular, portable and virtual Network TAPs
  • Physical and virtual Network Packet Brokers
  • Advanced Packet Processing Devices
  • as well as assessories such as Y-cables, Fiber Optic Transceivers and more

for up to 400G fast physical, cloud or hybrid network infrastructures.

PacketRaven Secure Modular Network TAPs

NEOXPacketRaven Secure Fiber TAPs have both an additional optical isolator (Data Diode functionality) and an optical filter to ensure that unwanted incoming light signals are blocked at the monitoring port to protect the network from compromise.
It thus provides another security layer that offers increased protection against attackers and faulty configurations.

NEOXPacketRaven Fiber TAPs support network speeds from 100Mbps up to 400Gbps.
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NEOXPacketRaven Secure Modular Fiber Network TAPs for up to 400G

PacketFalcon Mini Packet Capture Appliance for 10G Networks

"Our PacketFalcon products are powerful recorders for all types of network speeds, enabling IT organisations to analyse, monitor and accurately record traffic without compromise.

The PacketFalcon Mini provides access to 1G and 10G networks for detailed analysis, including forensic analysis of past events.

With its robust and compact design, and a 1G/10G or 1G high performance Gigabit capture adapter, it is the ideal companion for the mobile network analysis and forensics specialist."
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NEOXPacketFalcon Mini - Compact & Portable Packet Capture and Network Forensics Appliance

PacketRaven Virtual/Cloud Network TAP with Docker Support

"With the increase in the use of virtual, cloud-based and hybrid environments in the enterprise space, the number of blind spots on the network has also increased, making much-needed, 100 per cent visibility of network traffic impossible.

NEOXPacketRavenVirtual is a virtual Network TAP and provides physical and virtual security and monitoring tools with complete network visibility across virtualised private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Now with Docker Support."
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NEOXPacketRaven Virtual/Cloud Network TAP with Docker Support

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