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EgoMind GmbH

Booth number: B30-12

About us

EgoMind GmbH is a software expert from Karlsruhe (Germany) that specialises in “software development as a service”. The company supports its customers in the design, architecture, development and QA of software and SaaS products, as well as in product marketing.

The agile team consists of experts who have been working together for over 15 years and have brought numerous products to market maturity. EgoMind’s customers have the advantage that the “time to market” of their product idea can be significantly shortened and thus sales can be achieved more quickly.
The special competences of the EgoMind team are intuitive management interfaces, analysing data, software security, connectivity between components and other IT solutions, as well as process optimisation.


EgoMind GmbH
Bahnhofplatz 12
76137 Karlsruhe

Phone:  +49 721 95795457

Products & Services

The recommended way to new software is Software Development as a Service by EgoMind. EgoMind supports you straightforward from product design, architecture, development, QA, to product marketing.

EgoMind saves you time, stress and money. Why? You have no imbalance in the team composition. We offer you an agile team that has been working together for 15-20 years in some cases. We have the know-how for successful software projects. EgoMind offers a shorter “Time to Market”!

EgoMind does not see you as a customer, but as a partner. We want to invest in a successful partnership in which you remain in control at all times. We are a real team with equal interests. This offers you the advantage of significantly lower costs until the product is up and running, as well as fair long-term cooperation.

The OEM version of 'EgoMind Tools' can be operated as OEM or white-labeld software in the software provider’s own name. Operation from the cloud is also possible.

The target group of the company EgoMind are primarily vendors or MSP providers.

EgoMind Tools

Microsoft Windows collects and sends a lot of data about user behavior. IT security experts warn against this collecting frenzy!

"Windows 10/11 Security" from EgoMind automatically configures the necessary security settings in Windows for you after installation. Protect yourself from unnecessary data collection and transfer!

EgoMind Tools addresses every kind of user and can be white-labled or used as OEM.
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Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)

You have a new product idea or an important product extension but no time or team to realize it perfectly?

EgoMind will be happy to develop the software for you, taking care of everything related to product development. Don’t worry about UI designers, architects, developers, quality managers, technical writers, etc. You take care of your customers and your core competencies, we make the software for you.
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OEM / White-Labeling

The target group of the company EgoMind are primarily manufacturers, system houses or MSP providers.
The software can be operated as OEM or white-labeld software in the software provider’s own name. Operation from the cloud is also possible.

An example of OEM solutions from EgoMind are the “EgoMind Tools“.

We are happy to answer your questions and suggestions!

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